Where Do Clothing Designers Find Their Inspiration?

Where Do Clothing Designers Find Their Inspiration?

     Our designers are often asked where their inspiration comes from and although it is one of the fashion industry’s most guarded secrets, our designers usually share some tips that have helped them create our wildly popular clothing line. But the question still goes unanswered for some: Just where do designers find their inspiration, and why do they so often seem inspired by the same ideas?

     For many in the fashion industry, the birth of a trend seems to come out of nowhere and it grows to become popular among consumers around the world. Does it happen because most designers shop at the same fabric house, or is it all part of the supposed collective consciousness of the creative state? So many questions, let’s take a closer look:

Old Books and Movies

     One theory is that designers find source material in old books and movies. After all, we do see many new trends that are based on trends that are decades old. While some designers deny this fact, we cannot deny the appearance of 80’s styles becoming more popular, or trends from the early 1900’s America growing into a modern style of their own.

Likes and Shares

     Another theory is that designers will often spends weeks on end, creating design after design and casually posting them on social media. Then, they will see how many likes the posts receive and use those figures to create the next trend.

Vintage Trends

     Some designers will even visit vintage clothing shops to study past trends and utilise many of the shapes and patterns to create a new line of apparel that speaks to the modern fashionista and dictates their new style.

Style and Individuality

     Here at Gifted Heroes, we are individual and our clothing is as unique as our customers. Our clothing offers a street style that can’t be imitated because it becomes a part of the wearer just as the wearer’s personality becomes a part of their wardrobe. With Gifted Heroes, you get stylish design that provides an exclusive look that is all your own. To see our latest collection, shop our site and become a part of the Gifted Heroes community.

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