What Your T-Shirt Says About You

What Your T-Shirt Says About You

     The t-shirt is a staple of every guy’s wardrobe. It has a classic look, is easy to wear and comfortable and usually we all have a favorite style that we gravitate towards. Whether you are a classic white T sort of guy, or you like to make a statement with your t-shirt, there are literally millions of different styles and designs available.

     Keeping that in mind, the t-shirt we choose says a lot about who we are. In fact, whatever we wear gives those around us a peek into our world and shares just enough information to let them know what we are all about. Think about that the next time you reach for your favorite t-shirt and wonder why you get so many stares or why the world just tends to ignore you.

     So, just what does your choice in t-shirts say about you? Keep reading to find out what some of the most iconic t-shirts say about the wearer and maybe change your perspective on your favorite t-shirt.

Classic White T-Shirts

The classic white T shows that you either don’t care what you look like, or that you are trying to create a classic retro look. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a plain white T.

Retro Band T-Shirts

     Retro band t-shirts are trending right now and, for some, buying a new old band T is a good idea. To really pull off this style, you want to dig out your original concert T-s from your youth and rock those like you did back then. The true vintage T-s shows that you are a genuine music lover and you got some cool factor. Buying a new era retro band T-shirt shows that you aren’t really trying.

T-Shirts with Pockets

     T-shirts with pockets shows that you are laid back but that you are someone who pays attention to the little details.

Printed T-Shirts

     Printed t-shirts are one of our favorite styles, which probably goes without saying. Printed T’s are trendy, stylish and let you show off your attitude. Wearing a printed t-shirt says that you don’t mind standing out in a crowd and that paying a little extra for a designer t-shirt is something you are accustomed to.

     So, what does your choice in t-shirts say about you? Do you have any favorites that you wear more often than you should? Leave us a comment below and let us know.