A Brand with attitude – GIFTED HEROES

A Brand with attitude – GIFTED HEROES

Are you spending hours in shops looking for something new, just to find the same, usual type of clothes? Looking for something trendier and with loads of attitude? Be sure to take a look at this stunning brand. Gifted Heroes started out in 2007. Their inspiration and need sprouted from an area filled with bars and flea markets ensuring the livelihood of the streets. Hence the idea for an “Attitude is everything ‘approach.  The team consists of Graphic and clothing stylists, designing each item with details and specification. Each item contains the Gifted Heroes badge to make them even more exquisite and unique.

Gifted Heroes cater for all categories of clients. Some looking for style, some for comfort and some just for the funky designs and tailor made caps. They offer the following designer garments:

  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Joggers
  • Caps

The first collection was designed in 2007, with every item shouting’ attitude is everything’.  The aim was for everyone wearing the brand to be unique and to make a statement. Proud and inspired by every picture and message on the garments, Gifted Heroes guarantee their clients will feel confident and comfortable as they strive for every garment to maintain these high standards.

For the boys, they also offer joggers and track pants including t-shirts, hoodies, and caps as accessories. Every t-shirt has been carefully designed ensuring that our boys are always trending in the new fashions, being hip and oh so cool! With the new collections always on the horizon, you will be sure of always having the best options to choose from.

Gifted Heroes are not only high on design and fashion, they are also affordable. Keep your eye on the website to ensure you do not miss the special offers and limited edition garments.  Some discounts are even as low as 70% off selected products. This will ensure you always have something new to wear. It is a proven fact that if you are feeling good about what you are wearing, you will definitely be confident and positive about yourself.  This will create a culture for self-assured and strong individuals.

Gifted Heroes has an active online catalogue, it is regularly updated and you will always be the first to have a look at the exciting new ranges. Just create your account online and you will have access to all they have in-store. They provide different tabs for each clothing type as well as the ranges for men and boys are clearly illustrated. You will be able to select your correct size and browse through the ‘Sale’ tab for the exciting specials.

It is easy to get your hands on this stunning brand. Place an order online and you will surely be a part of this vibrant and trendy look. Gifted Heroes guarantee first class service dealing with every customer and query in a friendly and personal manner. Be sure to keep a lookout for their brand new range ‘Inspiration’ by Gifted Heroes.  So go on, be a hero today!